What clients say about our service

We have many clients who come back to us for bikes year after year. Here is what some of them have to say


A big thank you guys for your availability during the delivery of the bikes, the repair of a wheel during the stay and the recovery of the bikes a little early!!!
In the top!! You can go there with your eyes closed

“The team was very accommodating and easy to communicate with”
Amazing location with very friendly and kind staff. We rented bikes, the cycle gear was well maintained and comfortable to use. Great way to spend a day in this area! They also do bike drop or pick up. Besides a bike rental shop, they sell refreshing ice-creams, rent canoes and rooms.
Whether it is to answer our questions or to postpone the time for returning the bikes by one hour (until 10 p.m.) due to a train delay, they were always been up to the task. Their helpfulness, professionalism but also the quality of the bikes and services were very pleasant. Thank you very much for this great experience.